Tuesday, September 11, 2012

kindle cover : custom order

I had a request from a friend for a Kindle cover, and since I wanted a little break from quilting, it worked out perfect.  I chose 'Stitch Petal' from the Michael Miller Citron & Gray fabric line.  I thought about using a complementary fabric for the inside of the cover, but I haven't tried that yet and didn't want to risk messing it up on a custom order.  I think the next one I make I will give that a whirl.  I followed the same tutorial as I used to make my other two covers.  One nice thing about this cover is it only takes 1 fat quarter of fabric (plus a little interfacing & batting).  

And now some pictures (these were taken at my parent's house - or as my husband calls it "the Botanical Gardens"):


And here is the bat that was hanging over my head while I was taking those pictures:

This bat had been hanging around my parent's house (pun intended) for a few days.  Twice we had seen it fly out of the tree, then circle back and go back to hanging upside down.  We weren't sure if it had rabies or what.  Shortly after I finished taking its picture, it flew out of the tree and landed in my parent's pool.  Eeek!  We scooped him out with the pool skimmer and covered him up with a bucket until my dad could "address the issue".  I can't kill an animal.  Even a bat that most likely has rabies.

Thanks for reading!

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