Monday, April 22, 2013

why I've been away....

 ....because growing a baby makes me sick.  ;)  Very sick.  With this one, I had to break down and go on Zofran.  With Tensley I toughed it out until it finally ended at 18 weeks.  This time, by 10 weeks I had lost 10 pounds and was vomiting 3 times a day.  I'll be 18 weeks on Wednesday, so I am hoping it will let up soon.  Also, the baby was very cooperative.  This was literally the VERY first image on the screen:

I was shocked because for some reason I thought it was going to be a girl - maybe because of the horrible nausea & vomiting, coupled with the fact that all my other symptoms are identical to when I was pregnant with Tensley.  I guess I'll have to go shopping for boy clothes now!

As far as sewing, I honestly have not done one bit of quilting since January.  I'm hoping I'll start feeling better soon so I can get a few projects finished up and hopefully get a quilt made in time for my friend's August wedding!  Hopefully I'll be back here soon with quilting news!