Friday, December 28, 2012

ava's christmas quilt : finished

I finished Ava & Ella's Christmas quilts just before Christmas.  I quilted them both on the long arm at my LQS!  I used pantograms for both quilts as they are simple patchwork quilts and I didn't need anything "fancy".  Although I do think they are very nice and fairly detailed pantograms.  (More on Ella's quilt in a future post.)

My Uncle John took pictures of the quilts (on his awesome deck!).  Thank you, John!  I owe you big time!  Now here comes a barrage of pictures:

I had a few blocks left over after I finished piecing the top, so I put those on the back of the quilt.

I decided to bind Ava's quilt with the green chevron fabric from V & Co's line Simply Color.  I love the look of it.  I didn't quite cut the fabric correctly, but now I know in the future to cut my binding strips based on the fabric.  I think I will stock up on these chevrons for future bindings!  (The pictures that follow were taken by me - as you can probably tell!  I forgot to ask John to get some pictures of the binding.)

A little close-up detail of the quilting on the back.....

One more picture I took myself while perching on the edge of the my deck railing, trying not to fall into the bushes.... (much better & safer to have John take pictures).

And here is Ava holding up her quilt on Christmas Eve....

I think she liked it :-D

Quilt Stats:
 Fabric:  Miscellaneous fabrics from Hobby Lobby
                Michael Miller Ta-Dot in pink, raspberry, aqua, & grape
                Backing – green Stonehenge fabric (forgot to document the details)
                Batting  Warm & Natural
                Binding – white & lime green dotted zig zag from the Simply Color fabric line by V & Co for Moda
Pattern: simple patchwork, strip pieced using 3” strips (finished at 2.5” squares)
Dimensions: 50" x 70"
Started quilt top: May 2012
Finished quilt top: August 3rd, 2012
Quilted: on long arm at Quilt-N-Kaboodle by me using computerized pantogram
Made for: my niece Ava for Christmas 2012

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the one & only penny mat

You may remember this penny mat that I started working on 3 months ago....  I finally finished it about a week before Christmas.  I gave it to my sister as her "Christmas gift" since we don't exchange gifts.  It wasn't that difficult of a project, just time consuming.  In the time that it took me to make it, I could have pieced a quilt top.  I'd rather have the quilt top, but my sister likes the penny mat, so that is all that matters.  The only other thing I have to say about this project is that I am glad it is done. ;)


Friday, December 21, 2012

baby blanket : custom order

I made this baby blanket for my aunt to give as a Christmas gift.  She came into the quilt shop when I was working and I helped her pick out the fabrics. The red fabric is minky, which is a soft, plush fabric that is actually polyester, but feels amazing.  The black & white fabric is 100% cotton and has small paw prints on it.  She purchased a yard of each, so this blanket measures approximately 34" x 40". 


 I always pre-wash my cotton fabrics when making baby blankets.  I wash & dry, then repeat.  The first time I made a blanket, I did not do this and the cotton shrank and distorted the shape of the blanket.  The minky does not shrink (since it is polyester), so I do not pre-wash it.  Also, the minky would "shed" everywhere if it was washed with raw edges. 

After the cotton has been pre-washed, I square up the edges.  I then lay the cotton fabric on top of the minky fabric ("right" sides together) and cut around both fabrics.  From there, I sew the sides together with a 1/2" seam allowance, leaving a 6 inch gap to turn the fabric out.  Before I turn the fabric out, I clip the corners to remove the bulk.  Then I turn the fabric out, push the corners out, and pin the opening shut.  Then I top stitch around the blanket 1/4" from the edge, making sure to catch the opening.  It's just that simple.  The only other thing I do is I set my stitch length quite short when I am sewing the fabrics together on the "inside".  When I am top stitching, I set my stitch length a bit longer - I just think it looks nicer to have a longer top stitch.  These really are the easiest blankets to make and anyone can make one!  I hope you'll try!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

rainbow hexagon quilt top : pieced

I finished piecing the hexagon quilt top almost 2 weeks ago.  (I think anyway.  I know it has been long enough ago that I have already lost track of the time.)  It went really smoothly since all I had to do was sew the half hexagons into long (vertical) rows and then join the rows.

I pressed my seams to the side throughout.  That worked pretty good to get the hexagons to "nest" nicely, and my points line up amazingly well on the hexagons.  I also pressed the long seams of the rows just to one side because it was easier and faster.  I definitely prefer the look and "feel" of seams pressed open, however.  This quilt top did not lay as flat as my others that had the seams pressed open.  Hopefully once this quilt is finished, the difference will not be as noticeable.

I pieced the back out of 5 fabrics from the "Cuzco" line by Kate Spain for Moda.  I love this fabric line!  It is full of vibrant colors & very interesting designs.  I am so fortunate that my LQS carries such great fabrics!

The quilt back has been pieced and everything has been dropped off at my LQS (Quilt-N-Kaboodle) for long-arm quilting.  This quilt is going to be on display at the quilt shop!  I think I might pee my pants a little when I see it hanging up there!  More pictures to come when the quilt is fully finished & ready for display.