Monday, September 10, 2012

baby blanket

A friend recently had a baby boy and I have wanted to try making one of these baby blankets ever since I saw them on Etsy.  They looked so soft & warm & cuddly!  


I found this owl fabric at my local quilt shop and thought it would be perfect for a little boy.  I already had the white dimple dot minky fabric in my stash.  I love dimple dot minky!  I purchased one yard of the owl fabric & pre-washed it prior to making the blanket.  It is a pretty easy blanket to make - you just have to pin A LOT because of the stretchiness of the minky fabric.  After I finished the blanket, I rewashed it just to see how it would wash up.  To my surprise, the cotton owl fabric shrank even more, which caused the minky to roll over the cotton a little.  I was somewhat disappointed by that.  I guess next time I make one I will have to wash and dry my cotton fabric twice and see if that helps.

The blanket measured approximately 32" x 40".  I thought it was a good size for laying on the floor so baby could kick and play and practice rolling over (eventually), and also a good size for the crib when that times comes as well.  It is a bit big for the stroller perhaps, but I think you could tuck it under and around the baby.

After making this blanket, I want to make like 20 more!  Fortunately I know a lot of women who are pregnant right now.  I think my last count was around 25...

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