Tuesday, September 4, 2012

ella's quilt top : complete

Remember this fabric?  Well, a few days ago, it became this quilt top:


In case you forgot, this quilt is going to be Ella's Christmas gift.  Like Ava's quilt, I am going to have my local quilt shop do the quilting with their long arm machine.  I finished this quilt top before the holiday weekend, but didn't get around to taking pictures.  Then today I meant to take pictures outside during Tensley's nap, but realized the monitor was not plugged in in her bedroom.  So I sewed instead.

Tonight, after I laid Tensley down for bedtime, I ran outside to try to get some pictures of the quilt top before the sun went completely under.  I only got one shot that was somewhat decent.  Fortunately, I recently learned about PicMonkey and so that picture got a little fixing up.  I wish I could get a better picture of the entire quilt top, but it just doesn't photograph well with all the white in it and the little details get lost in a far away picture.  If you haven't heard about PicMonkey, you definitely should check it out if you ever need to edit pictures.  It is super easy to use and free!

The following pictures I took inside, where I had better lighting, so I didn't need to edit these with PicMonkey.  Although I did use it to add the re•engineered wording to the lower right hand corner.

I love the 4 little kids playing ring-around-the-rosie.... 

How sweet is the little girl pushing the stroller....

Try to ignore the wrinkles...

And the little girl swinging in the tree...

Ignore these wrinkles too please ;)

I hope Ella likes this quilt as much as I do!

Thanks for reading!

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