Wednesday, September 26, 2012

back to regularly scheduled programming

Yeah, there are a couple other quilts I should be working on, but I *think* this quilt will go together fairly quickly, so I am taking a break from making things for others & making this quilt for "me".  Not that I plan on keeping it for myself, but I don't have a recipient in mind as of now...

Prepare yourself for a bajillion pictures (are you preparing yourself?) :

For this quilt I am using the fabric line 'It's a Hoot' by MoMo.  This line came out in October of 2010, but I found 2 charm packs and a jelly roll online about a year ago!  I love this fabric line.  Love love love.  I am only using the 2 charm packs for this quilt.  I'm not sure what I will make out of the jelly roll, but I am sure I will figure something out.

I am going to go with a chevron pattern for this quilt, so I will be making HSTs (half square triangles).  First I had to choose the background fabric. I went into my LQS thinking I wanted a grey polka dot, but found the one on the right, which is actually a pale green polka dot on a cream background that goes perfectly with the charm squares!

Then I had to decide whether I wanted to work with the charm squares "as is" or if I wanted to cut them into 4 smaller squares.  (By the way, have you seen the new Moda candy?  They are 2.5" squares and they are adorable!  Eeek!)  I ended up deciding that since I wanted this to be a quick quilt, I would just stick with the 5" charm square "as is".  Plus I thought that maybe the smaller triangles would get too busy looking... who knows.

After I cut all of the 5" squares out of the background fabric, I started chain piecing.  I underestimated how boring it is to chain piece.  Extremely efficient, but extremely boring.  Since I have 2 packs of charm squares, I have 84 pairs of squares.  My goal was to piece 28 pairs a night.  The first night I pieced 24 and bored myself nearly to tears.  But the next afternoon at nap time I was rewarded by getting to cut apart and press those into 48 HSTs.  

Yes, I did all the pink fabrics first.  Can you blame me?

And now I just have the giant stack up there in the left hand corner left....  which by my calculations is 60 more pairs.  Anyone think I can get it done in the next week?  That's my goal... we'll see.

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