Thursday, October 4, 2012

i need advice...

I finally got all the HSTs trimmed to exactly 4.5".  If only I could sew more accurately, perhaps I wouldn't need to trim my blocks...

Then I laid them all out in groups so I could see the different fabrics.  Now comes the part where I need help.  I originally planned on laying the blocks out to make a chevron pattern, but now I am not so sure.  And I am also not sure how "scrappy" to make the layout.  Should I just place the blocks next to each other with no regard to color or should I try to stick with a "rainbow" effect....

Not sure if you can see the difference between the picture above and the picture below.  The above picture has matching fabrics on each half of the "chevron".  The picture below has matching fabrics on each "chevron".  Does that make sense?  Or I could go more "scrappy" looking and not place matching fabrics together at all.  I don't have a picture of this (yet)....

Lastly, I thought about laying out the blocks like this:

I am kind of liking the way this looks.  Maybe just because it is different than what I had in mind.  I wouldn't have to go with a rainbow layout.  It is just what I lean towards.  Although I do think the rainbow layout adds a lot to this design.

I have 2 more rows of HSTs to lay out, but I got lazy and wanted to take pictures.  I was originally planning on adding a 6" border around all sides of the quilt.  I'm not sure if the layout above would look weird with a 6" border all around.  Without a border, the quilt will be 48" x 56".  Just a little too small, in my opinion... but then again I am 5'10".  I should add that the border fabric is the same cream fabric with light green polka dot as I used to make the HST's.  I should also add that I still have a jelly roll of this same fabric (MoMo It's A Hoot).  I have seen a tutorial for making a chevron quilt from jelly roll strips, so I could always use the jelly roll to make the chevron quilt and make this one into the design above. 

And then of course there is the problem of how to quilt it if I don't go with the chevron layout.  If I go with the chevron layout, I will just quilt 1/4" from the edge of the chevron.  But if I go with the other layout, then I feel like I should quilt inside each triangle, and that would be A LOT of work!!!

So (if anyone reads this blog - haha), what does everyone think?  Which layout do you like?  What do you think about borders versus no border?  Quilting designs?  Please help!  I'm so indecisive!



  1. Personally i like the middle pic--matching chevron. I think is how you put it. But that's coming frm someone who hasnt sewed all summer. :/ awesome job though! Brandi Miller

  2. I love the bottom pic! I am
    So envious with all your projects! I'd give anything to get to see as much as you do! Hard to imagine this all came from taking a free class! I love all your stuff. Whatever you decide will be fantastic!
    Jenn Nixon

  3. Love the chevron but I also like the bottom. I just wouldn't know which way to go. I think borders will look nice on any of them. I'm glad I could help you decide.

  4. Hello! All of the variations definitely work. I think I like the last picture the best though. It has an interesting movement to it especially if you do a bit of a rainbow effect. I am a huge fan of borders personally, so I say go for them. As for quilting what if you stitch in the ditch for the triangles then do some quilting in only the white/cream fabric? That way your rainbow fabrics just pop right out! You could do a quick up and down squiggle in the white HST's and just travel the very short distance to the next one in you ditching line. I hope that makes sense!!! Any way you choose to do it will look fantastic! Good luck!!

  5. It's cute both ways but I am in to chevron right now so leaning towards the rainbow one. If you keep it as hst's, you could sew straight lines 1/4 inch from the seam on the vertical and horizontal. It's going to be a great finish no matter what you do!