Monday, November 30, 2015

christmas is coming... advent calendar

I'm back today to share an advent calendar that I made last year.  I didn't get it finished until about December 5th last year & then of course, with the busy holiday season, I never got around to taking pictures of it or blogging about it.

I knew I wanted an advent calendar of some sort to hang in our home, mostly just to cut down on the "When is it going to be Christmas" whining.  After looking around on ones to buy, I decided to make one instead.  I used a charm pack of Basic Grey's Blitzen and 2/3 yd of background fabric, which is a Basic Grey grunge.  I didn't take many pictures along the way & the ones I took were all blurry, so here is a brief synopsis of what I did....

1. Cut (24) 5" squares for the pockets (I used charm squares)
2. Iron the edges under on all sides (I didn't want raw edges, but you could leave them raw to save time, especially since the charm square edges are pinked)
3. Cut 24 squares of interfacing at 4.25"
4. Iron interfacing to the wrong side of the charm square (to give the pocket some structure)
5. "Stamp" the number on the charm square using fabric paint and a stencil (I used Martha Stewart paint, stencil, and "stampers" from Michael's)
6. Mark where you want to place the charm squares on the background fabric (I did a 4x6 configuration, with 1" between each charm.)
7.  Layer the backing fabric, batting, and background fabric
8. Pin the charm square onto the "quilt sandwich", making sure the square will not twist
9. Sew the charm square 1/4" from the edge on 3 sides (not the top, or you won't be able to open the pocket)
10. Remove pins, square up the quilt
11. Bind quilt

To hang my advent calendar, I sewed loops into the binding on the back.  I just used white ribbon to make my loops.  They are visible when I hang the calendar, but I think it looks cute that way.  I'm sure there are a ton of different options for hanging, so use whatever way you prefer!

That's all there was to it! Hope you enjoyed this short tutorial!

Thanks for reading!

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