Thursday, November 8, 2012

simply color + parisville table runner

Someday I will get better at naming my projects.... maybe... or maybe not.

I finished piecing the top of this table runner late last night:

and finally had the chance to take some pictures late this afternoon:

Picture edited by my Uncle John ;)

I love the bright, somewhat jewel tone, colors (not to mention the designs... clam shells! chevrons! diamonds!):

I wish my points matched up better in some spots.  I need to get better at cutting accurately.  Now I am impatiently waiting for the yardage of Simply Color to land at my LQS so I can pick out the backing for this table runner & get it quilted!

This is what Tensley did while I took pictures:

piled rocks on her legs and pointed at all the farm machinery in the surrounding fields

And this is what the sun was doing:


Craft show in 2 days & I promise I have more pictures to share.... a little overwhelmed trying to get ready, but it will be over soon & I will be back to quilting more!



  1. Love the photo with the mailbox!

    1. Thanks Jeanette! I took the picture & my uncle edited it for me. He can make anything look good! :-)