Saturday, November 10, 2012

craft show booth pictures...

Our booth space - filled with "re•engineered" items!

Left side of booth.... including sewing machine table that I gilded with gold leaf. I didn't get a good close up picture of it, but it was awesome & sold, so this is the best you get. ;)
Center of booth... Instagram picture my cousin took

Right side of booth...

Far right side of booth... including chair I painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint & distressed, quilt I made, and sewing machine table.... these items didn't sell, so hopefully more detailed pictures coming soon...

End table I distressed, also did not sell, so better pictures coming soon... my sister's garden decorations in the background were a big hit!

Bookcase & hanging file drawer painted with chalkboard paint! I love them both! The bookcase sold, but the hanging file drawer did not... and lots of baby blankets & burp cloths that did not sell :(  They were displayed better to start with, but I needed a better system there...

Also, a link to our Facebook page, if you want to check that out:

And now, to catch up on some sleep & then get back to QUILTING!


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  1. Awesome booth! I'm in love with all things distressed now, and have invested in some large pieces. Your so talented to be doing furniture and sewing!