Friday, August 17, 2012

pillowcase dress for Ella

I finally finished Ella's pillowcase dress late last night. My daughter was sick last Friday through Monday - running a 102.5 temp all weekend. She didn't sleep well at night or nap well and wanted to snuggle most of the time. Not that I am complaining. She never wants to cuddle anymore, so I'll take what I can get.

I finally got a chance to try out my side cutter, which functions similar to a serger, but is just a foot for my machine. I got it to work right away, which was surprising because I had tried to use it once before and could not get it figured out. Must have been one of those things you have to walk away from for awhile, because it made perfect sense & worked immediately this time. I was so excited that it was working, that I got a little carried away trying out different stitches on it and forget to check that the needle wouldn't hit the foot before changing to one of the stitches. My first time breaking a needle. I still have no idea where the rest of the needle is... I think in my machine, although maybe I will step on it someday & "find" it. That sounds about how my luck goes...

I needed to change the needle anyway, so no big deal.

I didn't take any pictures of the process because I worked at night and it was too dark to get any good pictures. But here is the final result:

I read a couple of tutorials - this one, this one, this one, and this one, as well as looked at a pillowcase dress I had ordered from Etsy for my daughter around Easter time. I would do lots of things different next time, but I still think the dress looks pretty good for being my first garment. I only used my side cutter on the horse fabric, but it turned out really well and looks like it will hold up well, so I think in the future I would do that on all the fabric. I did a double binding around the armholes, which is maybe too thick of a binding, so I would probably do a single binding next time. Also, the tie is a little wider than I would have preferred, and I cut that at 2 1/4", so I would try 2" or even 1 3/4" next time. All in all, a pretty quick and fun little project. And I have enough fabric left to make a little matching tote bag, so hopefully I can get that turned out before Ella's birthday - only 9 days away!

Thanks for reading!

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