Saturday, July 6, 2013

epic swoon fail

Um, so yeah.  Remember when I said I had 2 blocks left to make for the Swoon quilt, but that they both used directional prints, so they would take a bit longer....?  Well here is the 1st of the 2:

Yep, epic fail.  Not swooning.  For some reason I had thought I would be able to line up the stripes.  Obviously not.  So this block is getting rejected for the quilt.  I don't know what I'll do with the block, but I honestly cringe when I look at it, so there is no way it is going in the quilt.  And the next (& last) block I had to make also used the striped fabric, so I headed off to my LQS to find some different fabrics to use.  Fortunately I did find some fabrics that should work better... and are NOT directional!  So those blocks should be done soon - hopefully by next Friday!  So stop back next Friday to see the last 2 blocks (& hopefully a finished quilt top) and also I will have a small giveaway next Friday!  See you then!


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  1. Oh no. Such a pitty because all your points are sharp and otherwise it´s a very nice block. The stripes are just too hard to line up in HST.

  2. I don't do much except 9-patch with stripes for that very reason. Sorry for your disappointment, but awaiting the fix. What I do with "fails" is make charity quilts--they keep people warm even if we don't like the design results.

  3. Oh bummer. Your block looks great though! :0)

  4. Bummer! It's such pretty fabric - a shame it wouldn't behave!! Can't wait to see what you replaced it with...

    Whoop whoop!!

  5. Oh i hate when that happens! Cant you just call it a deconstructe dswoon or something like that and call it interpretational?

  6. Yep, directional can be a pain,aka impossible to line up! I think sometimes its better to just let the lines be all over the place and different than like I tried to line them up,lol. I saw a show about printing fabric and the manufacturers said that when printing panels or say stripes, it is not possible for them to guarantee that they are straight. Something about the process. So even if you are doing it all right the fabric could be working against you. I like the block anyway, but I can tell you have put it in time out:)

  7. It looks like one of those happy accidents, to me!!! I didn't even realize the stripes were supposed to line up. (I thought it was supposed to look that way to put a new spin on it!) It gives it movement, I like It! A quilt made with blocks like that would just be something different, I see a lot of quilts where people put a little different spin on a popular pattern and it always look great. Don't be afraid to bold and creative!!

  8. Oh my gorgeous blocks love the reds going on in the first one above. Gorgeous