Saturday, June 22, 2013

the house :: 2nd floor "before"

I'm back to show you "before" pictures of the 2nd floor.  Really not much is probably going to change up here, but just in case, I took these pictures.  I hope you have poured yourself a cup of coffee or tea, because there is an overload of pictures about to ensue...

 This picture was taken as I was standing on the stair landing - looking into the upstairs. Straight ahead through the open door is the largest upstairs bedroom, which will be Tensley's bedroom.  On the right side are the doors to 2 bedrooms and a closet.  The doorway to the left that you can just barely see is the bathroom.  Additionally, there is a 4th bedroom just around the corner to the left.  The carpet will be going. 

This is the first bedroom on the right hand side after you come up the stairs.  The floor and trim needs a little work.  This bedroom will either be a playroom or a guest bedroom, I haven't decided yet, but for now I will refer to this as the guest bedroom.    

The closet in the guest bedroom.  Another nice thing about this house is that the closets are actually quite large, especially for a house built in 1905, when often houses did not have closets.  You can't really tell from the picture, but the closet goes all the way to the wall on the right.  

 Another picture taken in the guest bedroom, the closet is to the right, and straight ahead across the hallway, you can see the door to the bathroom. 

Looking into the guest bedroom from the hallway, the stairs are to the right, and the door that is shut is the hall closet.

Inside of the hall closet.  This closet is sooo deep!  Lots of storage in this house, which is great!

 The next bedroom on the right is this bedroom, which will be the baby's room.  I should measure these bedrooms sometime, but this room is the second largest. 

The closet of the baby's room.  This one extends further to the left behind the wall.  I know this is just thrilling, isn't it?  

And a picture of the bedroom that will be Tensley's.  This room is really large!  I don't know if old houses typically had a "master bedroom", but if they did, this would be it. 

Tensley's room has one wall that is wallpapered.  I'm not looking forward to having to tear the wallpaper off, but at least it is just one wall.  When we moved into our current rental house, almost every wall was wallpapered and it was such a nightmare removing it all!  

Tensley's bedroom closet.... this one extends both to the left and to the right behind the wall....  Again, I know this is just thrilling stuff here. 

 And here is the upstairs bathroom.  This bathroom was added in the 1950's by the previous owner's parents when they purchased the house.  I'm not sure what this space was prior to it becoming the bathroom.... another hall closet?  I'm glad we have an upstairs bathroom, but I hope I can talk my husband into remodeling this one just a bit.  ;)  The wall to the left, behind the door, is the closet of the bedroom to the left.  That bedroom is the smallest of the 4 bedrooms, at 11' x 11'.  (I did think to measure that one!)  That bedroom will most likely be another guest bedroom, or a playroom, so I don't think the closet is really necessary, and it could be removed to make the bathroom larger.  But I haven't been able to convince my husband of that yet. ;)

The vanity is quite short (again I failed to measure it, but I'm thinking maybe 28" tall at most?), so it would be nice to replace that, as well as the medicine cabinet.  Also, the vinyl (linoleum?) flooring could use an update.  

 Okay, I had to include this picture.  What is wrong with this picture....?  Um, yes.  There IS a toilet paper holder in the bath tub!  I never thought I'd see such a thing in real life.  The tub is just that - a tub only.  There is no shower head.  That will also need to be remedied at some point as Tensley already likes rinsing off with the shower head at the end of her bath.  Actually about half the time, she just takes a shower and we don't even fill the tub.  Not to mention, as the kids get older, I'm sure they will want to shower, and without a shower up here, they would have to shower in our master bathroom.

 And here is the 4th bedroom.  This is the bedroom that was around the corner to the left when we came up the stairs.  Like I said, it is the smallest bedroom, at 11' x 11'.  It makes me a bit sad that this is the smallest bedroom, because it is my second favorite bedroom.  The windows face East & South, so this room gets great light.  Maybe that means I should use this room as my sewing room?  I haven't really decided where I am going to sew in this house....  I originally thought that this bedroom should become a large bathroom, but the husband thinks we *may* need 4 bedrooms.  I think he's crazy. ;)  But it will be nice if we have 3 kids to still have a spare bedroom to use for guests / sewing / etc...  And when the kids are grown & we have grandkids (cross fingers, knock on wood), we will have plenty of bedrooms for the kids & grandkids to spend the night. ;)

 The closet in the smallest bedroom.  You can kind of tell in this picture that there is a chimney to the right of the closet door.  That chimney will come out because it also runs through the kitchen, so it will open up a bit of extra space in the kitchen. 

Well, one last look of the upstairs.  The door to the far right that is open is the door to that smallest bedroom.  Straight ahead are the stairs & of course, that beautiful flocked wallpaper that I talked about previously.

The door to the near right that is closed is the door to the attic.  I guess I forgot to take "before" pictures of the attic.  I should probably do that as I believe the attic is going to get insulated & drywalled so we can use it.  It is a huge attic - running the full width & length of the house & it is tall enough to stand up in all but the very edges.  It would make an awesome sewing space & playroom.  There are 3 dormers in the attic, so there is some natural light, not a lot, but some. 

Well, there you have it - the "before" pictures of the 2nd floor of the house.  I will be posting the demolition pictures soon.  We are basically just demo'ing the 1st floor of the house, so it isn't as much to show.  Feel free to follow me on Pinterest if you want to see house remodel ideas that I like and hope to implement in our house!  There is a button over there on the side bar to do that.

Thanks for reading!


Demo pictures are posted here!


  1. Changing out the floor of the upstairs bath and adding colorful towels and curtains will really help hold you over until you can talk your hubby into a complete remodel. That's usually my plan until I can get approval for my redo. At least it is white tile. Try working with raggedy, old pink, LOL. Love the tour :)

  2. That toilet paper holder is for the washcloth and soap bar. LOL I love your house. I can't want to see it all renovated and see your touch in here.

  3. Oh, gorgeous house!! I'm so jealous - especially of the usable attic!! Can't wait to see what you do with it...