Thursday, May 23, 2013

background fabric change

After feeling that the white background fabric for my Swoon practice block was just not quite right, I went to my LQS in search of a better background fabric...

I found this linen colored fabric (on the left) that matches the Vintage Modern fabric line perfectly!  The selvedge has absolutely no information on it, so I will have to check the end of the bolt the next time I am at the shop.  I bought enough fabric to make the quilt, so the selection is pretty much final, but I am in the process of making another block start to finish to make sure the fabrics are going to work well together.  I hope to have that block finished today or tomorrow to share with you.  After that, I will cut all my fabrics and start chain piecing the components of the blocks!  Should be pretty fast going after that (cross fingers & toes).

That's about all that is new in my sewing world.  The house remodel is just getting underway and I hope to find the time to share some photos and info in the next week or so!


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