Tuesday, June 26, 2012

starting out

Welp, gotta start somewhere I guess! This is my first ever blog post. So here goes...

I started sewing in October 2011 after taking a Beginner's Quilting Class on a whim. Actually, I thought it was a Beginner's Sewing Class, which would have been fine since I didn't even know how to thread a needle. But I walked into the quilt shop to pick out my fabric & was cheerily informed that our "sewing project" was a quilt. That quilt started it all I guess. I should have known it was all downhill after I decided to make my quilt larger than the original pattern. After 8 months of stalking quilting blogs, I've decided to start my own. Mostly just to track my thoughts and planned projects, and if someone decides to read along, then so be it! I hope you enjoy.... (More about that beginner's quilt below.)

I chose batik fabrics for my first quilt. The pattern was called "Square Dance". It was pretty easy to piece this quilt. After I had the quilt top completed, I decided to use my leftover scraps (of which there were plenty due to a measurement error when cutting my fabric off the bolt) to piece the back.

From there I decided as long as I was learning how to quilt, I might as well try my hand at free motion quilting. I used the Bernina at the quilt shop, which had the BSR (Bernina stitch regulator) system. I tried a wide variety of free motion styles, from "loop-d-loos" to "swiggles" to attempts at meandering & stippling. I really enjoyed the free motion quilting and look forward to doing it again on future quilts. Although my machine doesn't have a stitch regulator, so that will be much more difficult at home.

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